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Corporate & Incentive Travel

March 2015



The U.S. Department of State’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management continuously updates travel warnings and alerts for countries across the globe. As of January 2015, the top alert listed was a “Worldwide Caution” regarding “the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world.” The world today can indeed be a scary place. For meeting and incentive program planners, the first step to risk assessment is risk awareness. Two of the most feared, terrorism and disease outbreaks, have dominated the news of late:

The atrocities perpetrated by ISIS, an offshoot of al-Qaida formed in 2006, continue to make headlines as the group seeks to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and in Syria. The group’s activity shows that risk of a terrorist attack, founded in Islamic extremism, is still very much a factor that group travel planners must reckon with. Read More...




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Los Cabos Continues Hurricane Comeback

October 2014



While the extensive and widespread damage caused by Hurricane Odile remains clearly visible, substantial restoration progress has already been made since mid-September.

On Oct. 3, 2014, Meeting Incentive Experts sent out more details regarding the status of several hotels and airlines in the Los Cabos area, as informed by the Mexican Government Delegation of Tourism Promotion (provided below).





The Meeting Magazines

Mexico on the Move - A Renewed Committment to Positive Change - and Meetings

May 2014


It's no secret that Mexico has experienced its share of challenges in recent years. During that time, some companies shied away from the destination, while others relocated meetings they had initially booked there due to safety concerns. But thanks to a combination of a newly elected president (Enrique Peña Nieto) in 2012, an increased focus on safety and security, and significant investments being made in new properties and infrastructure, groups are once again heading south of the border with confidence. Cecilia Cruz, executive director for the meetings industry for the Mexico Tourism Board in Washington DC, explained that Mexico’s new government is working hard to address areas of concern to make tourism in the country world class. “We are increasing security and doing many, many things in the cities, in the venues and in the resorts. I know it is one of the things that meeting planners care about. We also care very much about it. I think it is one of the most important things we’re working on.” 


Adam Lawhorne, CITE, CIS, is CEO of Chicago-based Meeting Incentive Experts which operates offices in Los Cabos, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. “We are a planning company within a DMC, so we do both,” he explains. “We help bring people to the country, show them around, give them ideas on the hospitality and wonderful destination Mexico is, find out their objectives and see which destiation fits best for them" Read More...



La Verdad Quintana Roo

Businessmen donate books to students in Playa del Carmen

October 2013 


A group of more than 50 participants, all members of Family Video Company, organized a book donation to primary school Ejido Solidaridad, Maestro Mexicano; this is as part of the altruistic work in several cities from the company said Amanda Nemeth, President of Meeting Incentive Experts.


Mrs. Nemeth said that this time the altruistic contribution consisted on encyclopedic and children’s books with issues of interest to students, and furniture for the new campus library project already started, which will be permanent for the future generations. Finally she mention that such actions have been realized in schools from Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, since the purpose of the company conventions has been to provide mutual benefits for the inhabitants;  at the same time is not dismiss the possibility of doing the same in another Solidarity school during a next visit in 2014.



The Meeting Professional

Incentive Programs are Different Now 

September 2013 


Today's incentive travel programs reflect renewed economic confidence, but no one is partying like it's 2006. Program Content is less lavish and more purposeful than it was before recession and perception issues clouded the landscape.


The good news is that optimism among planners is clearly on the upswing, according to the Incentive Research Foundation's (IRF) Spring Pulse Survey 2013. In that report, 56 percent of respondents- all from North America- said the economy was having a positive impact on their ability to plan and implement incentive travel programs, up from 43 percent in September 2012.


While this rising economic confidence indicates that more programs are going forward, most companies are cautious about how their incentive dollars are spent. Read More ... 



Elite Traveller Magazine

Los Cabos:The World Meets at Land's End 

August 2012 


Just a few weeks ago, all eyes were on Los Cabos as heads of state from around the world flocked to “Land’s End” for the high-powered G20 Leaders’ Summit of 2012. In the stronghold of the new 653,000-plus-square foot Convention Center, top leaders from 19 countries and the European Union discussed economic and financial strategies like job creation and green sustainability. The construction of this brand new super-venue marks a new era in Los Cabos’ meetings and events scene, which has previously hosted automotive elites like Porsche and Jaguar as well as corporate greats like Bank of America. Infrastructure aside, Los Cabos offers a wealth of cultural incentives and special activities exclusive to the region, form enthralling folklore to whale watching adventures to mariachi spectacles. Read More...



Meeting Focus West

The Future is now

December 2011


Speaking of incentives, Mexico has long been favored by many incentive companies that have created unique programs not only in the resort destinations but in cities like Oaxaca, Veracruz, Merida and Campeche.


"With all that's going on in the world people want to travel closer to home, which makes Mexico and ideal choice," says Adam Lawhorne, CEO of Chicago-based Meeting Incentive Experts. The hospitality is world-class, the widespread all-inclusive model is a perfect ROI fit for your travel dollar, and the value is absolutely there. It's still a buyer's market - and Mexico remains on sale."




Meeting Focus West

Meandering in Mexico

September 2011


The Country's interior teems with options forgroup excuersions, from vast canyons to Mayan ruins. From Colonial towns to commercial centers Mexico's interior is a lively mix of art, culture and history, all exuding a true Mexican flavor. While cities like Guadalajara, Merida and Mexico City offer their own entertainment, they are also jumping-off points for some of the contry's most popular excursions. Here are five that cater to groups.


Chichen-Itza Names one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen-Itza reigns as one of Mexico's premier archaeological sites and one of the country's most  alluring day trips. The DMC Meeting Incentive Experts offer full-day excursions for groups from Merida and other Yucatan locales. "What we do to make it a full VIP experience is provide luxury transport, a professional guide and a video about the history of the ruins prior to everyone arriving," says Amanda Nemeth, president of the DMC.


"When we get to the site, the guide gives an overview of Mayan culture and what all the pyramis meant, and there is free time to explore the ruins." Following the tour, participants enjoy a gourmet lunch at a local restaurant.



Meeting Focus West  

Rewing Them Up

February 2011



Incentive planners see renewed interest in motivational programs.  Although Tough economic times are when motivation is most needed, many companies scaled back on incentive planners say companies are more willing to invest in programs geared to boost the bottom line and stay ahead of the competition. In a recent SITE Foundation survey of incentive professionals, 62 percent of the respondents said they expected to see an increase in the use of motivational travel over the next six to 12 months, while 84 percent predicted improvement over the next one to three years. To get some additional perspective, Meeting Focus West spoke with several leading incentive experts... Read More




Meeting Focus West

Resort Revival

January 2011


As resort demand rebounds, planners find that flexibility pays. Hit the hardest of any hotel segment by perception issues and economic woes, resort hotels are finally seeing an upsurge in demand. According to an assortment of recent hotel forecasts from consultancies such as Smith Travel Research and Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC), hotels, particularly those at the top end of the scale, are poised to make a strong comeback this year and beyond. PwC's U.S lodging forecast predicts "robust growth" this year, with ADR (average daily rate) rising 4.1 percent over 2010 levels. At luxury properties, ADR is predicted to increase by 6.3 percent. While no one is calling it a seller's market yet - and rates still remain below their peak levels of several years ago-planners such as Adam Lawhorne, CEO of Chicago-based Meeting Incentive Experts, are finding more flexibility is required when negotiating for space at high-end resorts these days. 





Novedades - Solidarity Newspaper in Mexico

January 2011


Cancun, Meeting Incentive Experts with a Canadien Company brings new shoes and smiles for the best students and the ones with worst economic condition in a school in Cancun.  


Adam Lawhorne, CEO of Meeting Incentive Experts, and Heather Connelley, Marketing Manager for GFS Canada, (Gordon Food Service) organized a Humanitarian program in Cancun Mexico at the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusive.Participating school children attend the Cuza de Bronza School in Cancun. GFS Canada division donated 77 pairs of shoes and presented over 40 children with school materials and toothbrushes during there 2011 attendance of the Winners Circle Incentive program in Cancun Mexico. The children were transferred (courtesy of Meeting Incentive Experts) from their school to the resort via a deluxe motor coach.  Upon arrival, they were greeted with a standing ovation of applause and then seated in a unique Mayan venue. Breakfast was served for the children and attendees of GFS (hosted by the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusive resort).  Gabriel Florero, Manager of MIE Cancun, and Jose Caballero coordinated the logistics with the Secretary of Education in Cancun for the school selection while Meeting Incentive Experts took care of the request to over 100 attendees to donate a pair of shoes for the 3rd and 4th grade students. Attendees and children were pre-matched for distribution.  Thank GFS Canada for all of your support!




Meetings Focus

Across the Borders: Mexico

November 2009


Value and variety make Mexico a timely choice for international agendas. Considering the challenges everyone has faced this year, that old adage about the only constant being change could easily be applied to the world of the meeting planner.


The shifts in today's marketplace have affected Mexico as much as anywhere else in the world. But the good news is that while the problems may have been great, much of the change is for the better. With renewed commitment to provide value and service, and unprecedented efforts to upgrade and expand infrastructure, Mexico has become even more competitive for those event dollars. Read More...





Successful Meetings/Mexico Supplement

MIE Los Cabos

The Yucatan Peninsula
Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel

September 2008


Cancun, Sleek hotels, sugar-sand beaches, and luxury shopping define Cancun, Mexico's number one tourist destination and big draw for a meetings and incentives. Take it from Adam Lawhorne, president of Meeting Incentive Experts of Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., who has booked over 100 groups here. He just opened a DMC office in Cancun to take advantage of the new Cancun, he says, which is looking better than ever: "Cancun hotels are spending millions of dollars on upgrading spas, the new Aqua hotel is fantastic, there are new lounge bars and clubs on the lagoon like Harrys and La Destileria for private events, and five-star restaurants for groups."  Read More...





 MIE Los Cabos

Incentives & Meetings International

Los Cabos:
Where Desert Beauty Meets Ocean Vistas

November/December 2007


Los Cabos, at the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico, is often described as the place where "the desert meets the ocean." But sandwiched between those two extremes in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and the corridor between them you'll also find one of the newest and most attractive meeting and incentive destinations in the world with luxury hotels and resorts, exclusive golf courses, marinas, spas and shops. In fact, one of the key attractions of Los Cabos – comprised of a pair of fishing villages made over into a worldclass destination – is that everything is so new, according to Adam Lawhorne, President of Meeting Incentive Experts Inc. in Chicago and destination management company MEI Los Cabos. Read More...

Incentives & Meetings International

Inspired Team Building

November/December 2006


Adam Lawhorne of MIE is interviewed and considered an Expert on Team building


Why does an organizer bring a group of people to a beautiful destination thousands of miles away from home? Often, an incentive or meeting is about much more than just eating good food and having fun. There are usually a number of goals to be accomplished with a meeting or incentive; frequently, one of the most important objective is team building. And designing events that can truly build teams—helping people trust each other and learn to work together well—can be difficult. “The objective is to put together teams of people who will build camaraderie so that they can work well together when they get back to work,” says Adam Lawhorne, president of Illinois–based Meeting Incentive Experts Inc., which specializes in designing events in Mexico. Read More...


Successful Meetings...

Adam Lawhorne of MIE is interviewed in a supplement to Successful Meetings magazine's October 4th issue...


Meet, Convene, Reward in Mexico

By Patricia Alisau
October, 2004 (excerpts)


Welcoming Incentives

Speaking of beach resorts-think dreamy sunsets, fragrant tropical gardens, and lush body massages-they are the perfect rewards for high achievers. If incentives are on your agenda, Mexico is ideal for pampering your clients in luxurious surroundings and at the right price, says Adam Lawhorne, president of Meeting Incentive Experts in Oakland Terrace, Ill., who's been specializing in Mexico for 12 years. "Mexico is a great country to do business in because of the value and hospitality.";


Such destinations as Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, and Los Cabos have a magical ring and are some of the most sought after spots for incentives. Up and comers like the Riviera Maya, which is just starting to toot its horn, are adding hotels and tourist attractions faster than you can drink a cerveza.


Ninety top software performers from Chicago got to experience the Riviera Maya first hand at the allinclusive Royal Hideaway. The threenight program, which Lawhorne helped design, included a welcome reception overlooking the Caribbean with a 10-piece Mariachi band and free time to fish or golf the next day, with an optional shopping trip to Playa del Carmen. Boarding a French trimaran the last day, the group snorkeled near the Mayan ruins of Tulum, with an open bar and lunch on board, and finished with a private candlelit Italian dinner at the hotel.


"They loved the hotel and said it was the best hotel they had had for an incentive program," Lawhorne says. "They were amazed with the quality of the food and service."


Corporate & Incentive Travel Magazine...


November, 2003


Adam Lawhorne of MIE is extensively quoted in Corporate & Incentive Travel Magazine... 

"South of the border" is being rediscovered as a popular new meeting destination. Mexico offers an exciting blend of landscapes, cultures, unique and colorful attractions, exotic beach resorts, charming colonial cities, and a cosmopolitan capital. Mexico experts say diversity is one of its most alluring qualities. Read More...








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